Hacking and cybercrime techniques - Level 4
Capture a fortress

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The training takes place on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) basis. This means that you must bring your own laptop to the training or inform us if you do not have one.


We still remain in the field of system and network hacking; however, the scope and possibilities are significantly extended. We assume that if participants have already completed three hacking levels, they have sufficient knowledge to combine the techniques learnt. The fourth level of the training introduces "fortress" computers. These are prepared systems that will have to be "mastered" by hacking an administrator's account using the knowledge and techniques obtained from previous levels. Each day of the training will end with a full attack scenario, during which the participants will combine the methods for attacking different websites that they have learnt so far. The fourth level will also include a "challenge" for the participants - on the first day of the training we will launch a special system, which can be attacked by any techniques. The goal will be to hack the main administrator's account.



21 h (3 days x 7 h)


  1. Nmap NSE Hardening
  2. Systems for analysing vulnerabilities of websites
  3. Enumeration and auditing Linux system settings
  4. Enumeration and auditing Windows system settings
  5. Systems that automate security tests
  6. User's browser exploits
  7. Hacking Wordpress
  8. Hacking Joomla
  9. Hacking MySQL databases
  10. Hacking Tomcat
  11. Hacking Apache Struts - Remote Command Execution
  12. Hacking Apache Axis2
  13. Hacking Remote Services - SSH, FTP, SNMP
  14. Methods for "guessing" passwords of encrypted files
  15. Hacking and Discover User Account
  16. Advanced Port Knocking as a protection against exploits and 0day
  17. Scenario of an attack on the IT system - 1
  18. Scenario of an attack on the IT system - 2


18 Oktober 2022 . - Katowice

22 November 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

27 Dezember 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

27 Dezember 2022 . - Gdańsk

27 Dezember 2022 . - Poznań

27 Dezember 2022 . - Wrocław

27 Dezember 2022 . - Kraków

27 Dezember 2022 . - Katowice


3 d x 7 h (insgesamt 21 h)

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