Hacking and cybercrime techniques - Level 1
Introduction to hacking in practice

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The training takes place on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) basis. This means that you must bring your own laptop to the training or inform us if you do not have one.


How to look for gaps in corporate IT security? How to use malicious cyberattack vulnerabilities? And finally, how to analyse the way criminals think in order to avoid such an attack yourself? You will learn this from the first level of hacking training , where we approach the issue of cyberattacks practically. We will teach you how to analyse their course and neutralise them in the future, ensuring an effective protection of all devices in the ICT network.

First, you will learn Google Hacking techniques and how to obtain information about targets of attacks from the Internet. Next, you will learn and test tools supporting unit scanning in the ICT network and the opology created for the purposes of network attacks. With the knowledge of operating systems, ports and services already at your disposal, you can thoroughly monitor processes of hacking into systems of both workstations and servers. Then you will focus on pivoting techniques and a forwarding port. Finally, we discuss network security issues in practice based on examples of dozens of ways of attacking, tapping, and manipulating network traffic in wired and wireless networks.


  • Knowledge of Linux basics, network operation, operating principles of systems


  • You obtain practical knowledge about the security of operating systems and IT networks
  • You know modern hacking techniques
  • You know which methods of protection to choose against specific cyberattacks


21 h (3 days x 7 h)


  1. Fingerprinting - information obtained from the Internet
  2. Google Hacking
  3. Scanning equipment in the network
  4. Attacks on operating systems
  5. Attacks on databases
  6. Attacks on web browsers
  7. Attacks on file formats
  8. Forging traces in the attacked system
  9. Reading data from encrypted Truecrypt partitions
  10. Port knocking
  11. Tapping unencrypted transmissions - HTTP traffic
  12. Tapping encrypted transmissions - HTTPS traffic
  13. ARP Spoofing
  14. DNS Spoof
  15. Structure of the TOR server
  16. Attacks on wireless networks
  17. Attacks on WPS
  18. Attacks on WEP
  19. Attacks on WPA/WPA2
  20. Attacks using rainbow tables
  21. Attacks using GPU acceleration


26 Juli 2022 . - Szkolenie Online Die Frist ist garantiert

26 Juli 2022 . - Katowice

27 September 2022 . - Szkolenie Online


3 d x 7 h (insgesamt 21 h)

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