Hacking and cybercrime techniques - Level 2
System and network attacks

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The training takes place on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) basis. This means that you must bring your own laptop to the training or inform us if you do not have one.

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Did you like tracking down cyberattacks? In that case, you will be totally into Level 2! The training expands on the issues raised during Hacking and cybercrime techniques - Level 1 Introduction to hacking in practice.

Every participant will learn dozens of different systems to scan and obtain information about the victim, but the most important part of the training is scanning with the use of packets that we will create ourselves in Scapy. We will learn how to create packets in Layer 2, 3, 4 of the OSI model, and we will use them to send information so that no security system can detect it. The training includes the use of automation methods of all attacks on operating systems learnt previously. In contrast to Level 1, where we focused on Windows-based systems in terms of attacks using gaps and vulnerabilities, Level 2 will focus more on LINUX systems, attacking services that can be run on them (postgres, irc, samba, proftp, etc.). Finally, we will learn the tools to attack systems using PowerShell scripts, which will be used further on to create mini botnet networks in the training room.



  • You obtain practical knowledge about the security of operating systems and IT networks
  • You know modern hacking techniques
  • You know which methods of protection to choose against specific cyberattacks


21 h (3 days x 7 h)


  1. WHOIS and DNS lookup
  2. Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  3. Creating your own packets from scratch
  4. Advanced scanning of units in Layer 2, 3 and 4 using a wide range of available tools
  5. Identifying Web services and application banners
  6. Identification of systems and firewalls
  7. TCP / UDP / zombie scanning
  8. Attacks on Windows, Linux and MacOS
  9. Attacking through errors in JAVA, Winamp, Flash DLL
  10. Quick identification of possible attacks - Windows Exploit Suggester
  11. Quick identification of possible attacks  – Linux Exploit Suggester
  12. Attack automation
  13. Dictionary attacks
  14. Creating individual dictionaries
  15. Skipping passwords in operating systems
  16. Hacking Internet kiosks
  17. Social engineering attacks
  18. Hacking operating systems using PowerShell scripts


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3 d x 7 h (insgesamt 21 h)

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