Autoryzowane szkolenia SAFETICASafetica Administrator - Management Server & Monitoring

EN Cena szkolenia z egzaminem: 890 zł netto zawiera:

  • szkolenie,
  • pakiet materiałów szkoleniowych,
  • lunch + przerwy kawowe,
  • egzamin ACS, 
  • certyfikat ACS (dla osób które zdały egzamin ACS) lub zaświadczenie,
  • autoryzowany egzamin SAFETICA (o wartości 600 zł netto),
  • certyfikat SAFETICA dla osób, które zdały egzamin,
  • 14-to dniowy kontakt z trenerem po szkoleniu.


The training takes place on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) basis. This means that you must bring your own laptop to the training or inform us if you do not have one.


The training is aimed at learning the features of Safetica solutions. Participants will acquire the necessary technical knowledge related to system configuration and all system features. The training ends with an exam. If they pass, successful participants will receive a Certificate issued by the DAGMA Authorised Training Center.


  • basic knowledge of network configuration,
  • basic knowledge of TCP/IP.


14 h (2 days x 7 h)


Module 1 General information

  • Licensing
  • Supported operating systems

Module 2 Implementation of the Safetica solution

  • Overview of the Safetica installer
  • Automatic implementation of Safetica Management Server using an existing database
  • Implementation of Safetica Agent and Safetica Client

Module 3 Safetica Auditor

  • Enabling audit
  • Searching for information
  • Filtering and reports

Module 4 Safetica – basic DLP

  • Data transfer control
  • BitLocker encryption
  • Zones
  • Device control
  • Disk guard

Module 5 Safetica Supervisor

  • Website control
  • Application control
  • Print control

Module 6 Safetica – advanced DLP

  • Why do we need data categories?
  • Smart personal data searching
  • What are tags and what do they do?
  • Tagging rules for applications, websites, and locations
  • DLP rules
  • Zones
  • DLP logs


  • Minimum system requirements
  • Installing and configuring web module
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Managing productivity categories
  • Managing WEBSAFETICA
  • Supervisor – or how to manage the web console
  • Alerts, reports, and maintenance
  • Exam


4 August 2022 . - Katowice

4 August 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

28 September 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

28 September 2022 . - Katowice

16 November 2022 . - Katowice

16 November 2022 . - Szkolenie Online


2 d x 7 h (Total 14 h)

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