Hacking and cybercrime techniques - Level 3
Website and web application attacks

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The training takes place on a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) basis. This means that you must bring your own laptop to the training or inform us if you do not have one.


Can you attack and defend against any system and network? Young Padawan, it is now time for you to become the Jedi Master!

Level 3 training is focused on web application and website attacks. We learn methods for attacking and hacking information systems through vulnerabilities in WWW software. The training is provided in a prepared environment with several dozen systems vulnerable to hundreds of attacks most frequently used by cybercriminals. When you complete the training, you will have a comprehensive knowledge about IT security and will also circumvent and break Web server security.



  • You obtain practical knowledge about the security of operating systems and IT networks
  • You know modern hacking techniques
  • You know which methods of protection to choose against specific cyberattacks


21 h (3 days x 7 h)


  1. Introduction to the subject of attacks on websites and Web applications
  2. Security through obscurity
  3. Insecure Logins Forms
  4. Logout Management
  5. Password Attack
  6. Account Lockout
  7. Web Parameter Tampering
  8. Path and Information Disclosure
  9. Path Traversal
  10. Local File Inclusion
  11. Remote File Inclusion
  12. Skipping data filtering
  13. Command Injection (+ Blind)
  14. Sessions Management
  15. Upload File
  16. CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery
  17. SQL Injection - GET, POST
  18. XSS Attack - Reflected, Stored
  19. SQL Injection automation


5 July 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

5 July 2022 . - Katowice

18 October 2022 . - Szkolenie Online

22 November 2022 . - Gdańsk

22 November 2022 . - Kraków

22 November 2022 . - Katowice

22 November 2022 . - Poznań

22 November 2022 . - Wrocław

22 November 2022 . - Szkolenie Online


3 d x 7 h (Total 21 h)

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