Autoryzowane szkolenia ITIL®

We conduct ITIL® – authorised training courses - this is the most valued certification by Polish employers according to the COMPUTERWORLD magazine. See the certificate.

Want to learn the best practices in the field of IT service management and know how to design and manage IT services at every life cycle stage? Maybe what you want is to acquire advanced knowledge of related to the project management practice? If so, visit our DAGMA Authorised Training Centre to participate in training courses on ITIL®, which is a set of best practices for IT service design and management widely adopted in the IT sector.

The DAGMA ATC offer includes an entire range of accredited ITIL® training courses both for beginners who would like to learn the basics of IT service management in accordance with ITIL® and for those above beginners, wishing to acquire more specialist knowledge. Once you complete each of your training courses, you will be able to take an exam and receive an ITIL® certificate that confirms your new qualifications. This certificate is widely known and opens the doors to the IT industry around the world.

The training price includes classes with DAGMA ATC experts (21-28 hours depending on the product you choose) and all materials. In addition, you can contact your expert for the next 14 days after the entire training. Each participant also receives a certificate, and those who want to obtain the ITIL® certificate can take an exam.

Authorized trainings ITIL by subject