We conduct PRINCE2® authorised training courses - PRINCE2® is a recognised and very popular project implementation methodology all over the world. See the certificate.

How to create an IT product from scratch? How to prepare a project and implement it successfully? And finally: how to deliver results to customers? You can find the answers to these questions during our authorised PRINCE2® training courses. This is a series of classes aimed at people managing IT projects so that they can acquire and consolidate their knowledge of how work on an IT product should be organised in accordance with the method used worldwide.

PRINCE2® training courses are conducted at two levels: Foundation and Practitioner, and cover a number of issues starting from the method, including project preparation and general outline of quality and risk management issues, and ending up with more advanced issues such as the Quality Audit Trail. Once you complete the training, you will obtain knowledge necessary to manage and IT project and receive an internationally recognised PRINCE2® certificate confirming your new qualifications.

The training includes 21 hours of practical classes given by DAGMA ATC experts, which span over a period of 3 days. In addition, the training price includes all training materials and you can contact your expert for the next 14 days after the entire training. Each participant receives a certificate, and can take an exam to obtain the PRINCE2® certificate.