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Computer Forensics Trainings

If you have ever wondered how to secure evidence from a smartphone at the crime scene or how to detect and find the perpetrators of a cybercrime, you should consider training courses on computer forensics conducted by DAGMA Authorised Training Centre experts. Thanks to our series of classes, you will learn how the world's largest cybercrime laboratories do their business as well as leading standards when it comes to dealing with cybercrimes.

Our computer forensics programme covers both the basics of dealing with cybercrimes, such as securing data carriers and preparing your own IT environment, and more advances issues such as physical extraction of equipment and SIM card data or the analysis of RAM contents. Once you complete the entire training, you will know how to retrieve evidence from a digital crime scene effectively because during the training you have tackled real case investigations straight from the experience of cybercrime laboratories from around the world.

The training price includes classes with DAGMA ATC experts (7-21 hours depending on the course you choose) and all training materials. In addition, each participant receives a DAGMA ATC certificate and can contact their training expert for the next 14 days after the entire training.

Computer forensics acquisition and analysis of digital evidence of crimes

Price: from 1 490 € (excl. VAT)

Length: 21 h (3 days x 7 h)

Closest date:

8 June 2021 . - Katowice

Digital investigative methods

Price: from 790 € (excl. VAT)

Length: 7 h (1 days x 7 h)

Closest date:

11 June 2021 . - Katowice